Hilton Huanying welcome program to Chinese Travelers

Hilton Huanying (“Welcome” in Mandarin Chinese) program for Chinese Travelers


Hilton has just expanded its popular Huanying program to further cater to the growing Chinese traveler market and the guests’ evolving needs. Being the first global hotel brand to introduce a customized hospitality experience for Chinese travelers in 2011, the program (“Welcome” in Mandarin Chinese) has since served over one million Chinese globetrotters.

The program will now be rolled out to participating hotels under brands including Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts and DoubleTree by Hilton, altogether totaling 110 properties worldwide in over 30 countries and 65 cities, more than double the program’s initial scope both in participating hotels and geographical coverage.

In addition to the expansion of footprint, the program also sees further fine-tuning to enhance guest experiences in three signature hospitality touch points: the arrival experience, guest room amenities and the breakfast experience.

Arrival Experience – guests will be greeted with welcome notes in Simplified Chinese upon arrival. 24-hour Mandarin interpretation service is also provided, while many properties have Mandarin-speaking staff.

Guest Room Amenities – standard amenities include tea kettles, jasmine tea, slippers and dedicated Mandarin-speaking TV channels.

Breakfast Experience – this includes Chinese favorite menu items such as congee, fried rice/noodles, dim sum selection, Chinese tea, fresh fruit and soy milk and also culinary utensils like chopsticks, Chinese spoons and a soy sauce dish.

Hilton’s expansion of the Huanying program is a direct response to the ongoing Chinese outbound travel trend which has been growing at a breathtaking pace with the number of outbound Chinese travelers expected to double from 100M in 2014 to 200M by 2020.

Equally important as a decision factor for Hilton is the importance of brand awareness, particularly to the growing segment of Chinese independent travelers who show strong affinity to globally recognized brands. The custom services implemented are a direct result of its own extensive field research and those from third parties showing the types of amenities and experiences which are important to these travelers and which contribute greater overall satisfaction with the brand. (see also 2014 Chinese International Travelers Hotel Survey)

Source: Hilton Expands Welcome Program for Chinese Travelers Globally

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