Having information about your business in the language of your target audience is the starting point in reaching the massive travel markets from China and other emerging economies.


Website translation

Web Lite Translation Corp.Using the innovative website translation technology of our partner, we can translate your website using professional human translators and cut down your IT related cost dramatically. Whether your website is small with a handful of static pages or large with dynamic content and interactive functions, we will be able to come up with a most cost effective solution for you and minimize your life cycle cost of ownership.

Document translation

Of course we can help you translate documents and marketing collateral including brochures, menus, hotel explanations, activity lists and safety procedures, etc.

Video captioning and voice-over

We recognize that you may have existing video which you have created for the English speaking market. We have complete video captioning and voice-over capability and if you do not have video we can create it for you. Video is one of the best ways to make your listing or website highly ranked on search engines so should be a part of your marketing strategy. It is important though that the video is in a language that the viewer can understand in order to truly engage the viewer.


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