Multilingual mini-sites

Since you have spent a significant amount of time and resources building up the content and fine tuning the messages of your default language (English) website, ideally you would want to translate the website in its entirety into the language of your new target market.

In reality, however, the upfront cost of making website infrastructure multilingual and translating its content can be cost prohibitive to a lot of organizations. The cost of translating and synchronizing incremental content on an ongoing basis can also be considerable.

Our multilingual mini-sites are standalone websites built specifically for other target language markets. These mini-sites are designed to be compact in content but yet concise enough for your business to establish a market presence quickly and cost effectively. In addition, they are also packed with optional functionality:

  • booking platform – through our technology partners, we can have a multilingual (or English only if you choose to) booking platform for accommodations, car rentals and activities right within the website. For DMOs, an aggregate account can be set up so that area merchants can be collectively presented on the official website, providing added credibility and trustworthiness to overseas customers.
  • integrated Weibo accounts – official destination as well as member merchant Weibo accounts are integrated and showcased.
  • managed content – whether it is multimedia content uploaded directly to the website, or content created by Chichaku, sourced through other media outlets or crowd sourced and fed to the website through Chichaku’s managed content service, the constant stream of fresh content will keep visitors engaged and returning.
  • coupons – opt-in coupon offerings from member merchants can be posted on the website and distributed through other social media channels.
  • service directory – complete service directory with options for member businesses to differentiate themselves with extra content.
  • additional languages – whether you decide to add another language to go after another market now or one year from now, the built-in language support will allow you to do so with no additional infrastructure or design cost.


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