Chichaku specialises in marketing to China and other emerging markets.


Social media marketing: China example

For China marketing Chichaku uses several methods depending on the target market, budget and approach which is best suited for your business. These include amongst other things:

  • manage Weibo (micro-blogging) accounts
  • interact with other 3rd party accounts to multiply the buzz effects
  • list of Weibo clients
  • target markets – major North American cities or mainland China


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Weibo Tulip Festival post


Traditional marketing

We also develop and run traditional marketing campaigns. Together we determine the best approach for your company, and work with you to deliver the best marketing campaign for your specific needs. These campaigns include trade shows, work with on-the-ground in-country marketing companies and traditional newsprint marketing and advertising.

We can also advise you on the best media buys for your company. From traditional newsprint marketing and advertising to digital and broadcast mediums we can go from creation of the advertising right through to the media buys and monitoring of effectiveness.


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