Content in all its forms is the most important aspect of communication. It is the most important part of any destination’s or business’s message and how it is presented is equally important. Good content drives traffic to your online marketing but that same content also brings travellers and customers to your destination and business by inspiring the audience. Content is the heart and soul of any promotion and Chichaku ensures that your content is the best fit for your target audience.

Chichaku content management Content creation

Chichaku creates custom content, manages your own business or destination’s content and repackages and translates it so it inspires your audience.

We generate original content through our editors, writers, journalists and bloggers. We also create original video and source and edit existing videos. Perhaps most importantly, we take your existing content, translate it and use it to engage your audience in Chinese.

We do all of this in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and of course English.

Content sourcing

Chichaku is constantly adding to our group of world class writers and other content creators. Images and video tell a story far more powerfully and quickly than words alone but those images and videos have to be culturally specific as well as in the right language. Chichaku sources content from hundreds of sources around the world – some from our permanent regional editors and some from project specific creators.

We also engage your audience through social media in China and other countries so your customers and visitors become one of your best sources of content.

Weibo post Content hosting and distribution

It is not enough to simply have great content. That content has to be distributed and marketed out to your target customers. We work with your business to determine the best venues for hosting your content; whether on a standalone website, a mini-site within Chichaku, on popular mega-portals such as Youku and Sina or through a combination of all the above.

We ensure that your content reaches a huge audience through channels like Weibo, BBS, portals, video hosting options, social media chat rooms etc.

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