China Ready Program

Our China Ready Program is a half day training session specifically designed to provide decision makers a 30,000 foot context of the Chinese market opportunity.

This course is not meant to provide you with hands-on details. Rather, it puts the facts, opportunities, challenges, choice of actions and cost/benefit trade-offs in front of you so you can make an informed decision on which path to take to implement your China program and how to optimally deploy resources to maximize the ROI for your organization.

By attending this orientation session, you will find out:

  • the Chinese market from a historical perspective, its current trend and where it is likely evolving
  • the North American and other Chinese markets outside mainland China
  • customer segmentation from the age demographic and geographical perspectives
  • what you need to know about Internet and mobile Internet use in China
  • the importance of social media in China and compare-and-contrast it with its Western equivalents
  • the choices for PR/marketing, content management and content distribution
  • and more…

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