About us


Chichaku is a marketing and communications company. Using our strengths in content creation, multi-lingual language skills, knowledge of cross cultural marketing and local market knowledge, we help our clients enter and establish themselves in new emerging markets, and overcome the language and cultural barriers often associated with these markets.

Team Leaders:

Jonathon Reynolds

Jonathon has been in the travel industry for more than 30 years. As a guide, writer, consultant, lecturer and business owner in the travel industry, he has always enjoyed the challenges and successes of communicating across cultures. He brings to Chichaku the experience of living in over 10 countries and travelling to over 60. Communication, no matter what the language has always been a driving force for him in his work around the world – he looks forward to bringing that drive and experience to your marketing challenges and finding the perfect solution for you.

Ivan Chow

Ivan was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Canada where he graduated from the University of British Columbia. With over 20 years of in telecom and IT research and development, Ivan is perfectly situated to create a bridge between China and the Western world. Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, he has extensive business networks in China and North America. If there is a technical solution to any problem, Ivan will find it.

Mission Statement:

Chichaku is a premier multilingual marketing and communications service provider. Through content creation, innovative technology and language expertise, Chichaku works with the best marketing agencies worldwide to help our clients reach global markets by removing cultural and language barriers.

Our philosophy

We believe that all effective communication starts with good content, regardless of whether it is news stories, inspirational articles, blogs, Tweets, videos or content in other multimedia formats. Through our own team and our network of affiliate writers, social media managers, film producers and cultural specialists all over the world, we have the ability to create and source industry specific and engaging content – in-house or crowd-sourced. More importantly, we can generate such content in a language appropriate for the target market and present it in the proper cultural context.

Our approach

We believe that in order to communicate effectively in an increasingly pluralistic multilingual and multi-cultural marketplace, market specific knowledge and skills are critical. We also realize that acquiring such skills is a daunting task both for ourselves and our clients. Therefore, in addition to cultivating and continuing to sharpen such skills in-house, we continue to seek and work with partners who are best in class in their native language and market. When you work with Chichaku you also work with the very best marketing and PR agencies worldwide.

By doing the initial due diligence in selecting these partners and working with them to smooth out the process ahead of time, we help our clients hit the ground running by avoiding the time- and resource consuming steps often associated with the initial phases of market entry.

Find out the services we provide to help you succeed in these new non-traditional markets.


Chichaku the website

Chichaku website

www.chichaku.com is a travel website in English and Chinese covering a wide variety of travel related topics such as popular destinations, golfing, shopping, wine, food and drinks. The website targets the growing number of travelers from mainland China and Chinese living in North American cities who are moving beyond group travels and prefer a deeper personal experience and like to do their own travel research.

The content of the website is created by our team of editors from all over the world. The website has over 2,000 pages of media rich content. The countries and specific topics being covered are constantly growing.

 Chichaku web page