Access the Chinese travel market and those from other emerging economies – Brazil, Russia and India.
Outbound travelers from China and other emerging countries are causing unprecedented and massive changes in the global travel industry. These travelers create new challenges…and opportunities. Chichaku will help you meet those challenges and take advantage of those opportunities.

What we do

We provide a suite of services to help your business take advantage of these explosive opportunities

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1We specialize in social media and traditional marketing to China, Russia and Latin America in their native languages.

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2We generate engaging and culturally relevant content in the language of your target market, and distribute it using the most effective platforms.

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3 We translate your website, documents and marketing collateral using professional human translators and our innovative website translation technology.

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Selected Projects

Check out some sample ongoing projects we are working on.

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About us

We bring you a team that are experts in content creation, tech savvy, experienced in social media marketing and native speakers of multiple languages.

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Together with our in-house staff and in-country partners, we help you establish your multilingual market presence, engage and communicate with your target customers  - effectively and in their own languages.

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Our clients

Check out some selected samples of clients using our Chichaku listing, co-located mini-site, marketing and PR coordination services.

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Our partners

Chichaku partners with the very best in the industry, bringing you cutting edge technology, the best cultural understanding and the best delivery options for your message in many languages.

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Industry & company news

Hilton Expands Global Welcome Program for Chinese Travelers


Hilton is expanding its welcome program for Chinese travelers by doubling its participating hotels and geographical coverage across its global properties. By being first mover to take advantage of the breathtaking pace of growth in the outbound Chinese travel market which is expected to grow from $100M to $200M by 2020, Hilton is also fine-tuning its guest experience in three signature hospitality touch points.

5 Different Online Shopping Behaviors of Chinese Travelers


Although there are more similarities than differences between Chinese and Westerners when it comes to purchasing online, there are key differences which are important to know for oversea e-tailers trying to serve the Chinese domestic market or service providers in the outbound Chinese travel industry.

China’s Consumer Power Unleashed – $9 Billion Singles Day Sales


Right from the get-go, this day was destined to go into the history books as a shock-and-awe display of China’s consumer firepower.

Chichaku To Present At China Ready Forums In Arizona And Yukon


  Vancouver, British Columbia, Oct 23, 2014 – Chichaku Corporation will be the keynote presenter

2014 Chinese International Travelers Hotel Survey


A summary of key findings from the latest edition of the Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) 60-page report commissioned by which contains a wealth of information on the traveling and accommodation booking habits of the Chinese outbound travelers.

Chinese social media 101

4 Key Functions the Travel Industry Should Know about WeChat


Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has amassed 600 million users worldwide. While this sheer number alone should make one pay attention to this latest social media phenomenon, there are other capabilities of WeChat which are valuable tools to help hoteliers, DMOs and operators market to and serve Chinese travelers, making this platform more than just a messaging app. Way more, as a matter of fact.

Sina Introduces Weibo Tipping


In an effort to further diversify the Weibo ecosystem or perhaps an attempt to stem the flow of users share to WeChat, Sina is introducing tipping and paid subscription functions in Weibo to provide new mechanisms for their users to monetize their content.

Two serious mistakes to avoid with your managed Weibo account


If you have outsourced the Weibo management service to a third party, you would find the following two pieces of advice would help you avoid a PR disaster or becoming a chuckle du jour.

Chinese social media: a numerical backdrop


  Before embarking on our journey to explore the nuts and bolts of Chinese social

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